Drive-in Cinema Software

Sales and Admission with Social Distancing

The Little Box Office can help you meet all the ticketing needs of your drive-in cinema. The requirements that social distancing brings are very significant; with this in mind, we offer bespoke solutions to enable you to meet all these requirements with ease. Sell tickets, food, drinks and even merchandise in advance and on-the-day. Manage vehicle admissions and food orders collection or delivery safely.

Maximise you Sales with Food & Drink Packages

The economics of charging per vehicle instead of per person are very different. However, you can increase your profits by offering food and drinks to all passengers! We can set up your account to sell your food and drinks options; these can be sold in advance but also on the night during the performance. Real-time management of orders and location tracking of vehicles will help you manage the operations with ease.

Get in Touch

If you are looking for an affordable, flexible and user-friendly software to manage your drive-in cinema sales, please get in touch. We can organise a call with screen-sharing for you to see how it works and how we can customise your account to meet all your needs.