Online Ticketing Software

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Online Ticketing Software

The Little Box Office is an online ticketing software. But what does that mean?

Software were traditionaly sold on discs and installed on computers. Today modern software is online. It provides a lot of benefits but mainly it means that you can access it from any computers and that it gets updated automatically for free as soon as new features are created.

With the Little Box Office, your customers can chose and buy tickets for your events online. Also you can use it to process orders manually when your customers are on the phone or simply with you in person. You can issue e-tickets or printed tickets. You can accept and process debit and credit card payments as well as cash or cheques. Find out more below.

Sell Your Event Tickets Online

With the Little Box Office’s online ticketing system, we provide your customers with the ability to book tickets to upcoming events. We offer them the convenience to buy when they want, where they want. And we do all the set up and design your own box office site using your logo and colours to give patrons the confidence to purchase from you.

In designing our ticketing system, we made ease-of-use and simplicity our top priorities. In just a few straightforward steps, patrons can make their seat reservations, pay and receive their tickets by email all within a mere matter of minutes. As all transactions are conducted through PayPal, customers can feel assured in knowing their banking details are safe behind a range of security procedures, including firewalls and data encryption.

Sell Your Event Tickets Over The Phone or In Person

With the Little Box Office’s online ticketing system, we provide you with the ability to create bookings, take payments and issue printed or e-tickets to customers. We provide you with many more options than online customers have so that you can accept cash or cheques, issue complimentary tickets, select specific discounts, put tickets on hold, view reports, access booking details, etc.

Again, ease of use and simplicity have been prioritised whilst offering powerful features. Our number one focus is to make sure people enjoy using our software - not just cope with it. As such we keep adapting what it does and how it does it from the constant feedback we get from our customers. Some of our customers can hardy believe that we listen to their requests, implement then in sometimes a matter of days and always for free!